Queensboro Bridge Biennial Inspection

Queensboro Bridge Biennial Inspection

American Structural Engineering (ASE) was a DBE sub-consultant to HNTB for 2020 Queensboro Bridge Biennial Inspection. ASE provided one full team (TL and ATL) to perform the inspection. ASE team was responsible for performing full main span truss inspection along with other 2 full teams, preparation of reports, inspecting active and issuing new structural and safety flags, inspecting critical and special emphasis members and updating inventory. ASE team performed inspection work on full Main Spans and both Manhattan and Queens Approaches Primary and other Structural Members.

Project Details:
The project includes general bridge inspection, report preparation, inventory and load rating verification/updating, and other miscellaneous work necessary to comply with NYSDOT specifications.

The Queensboro Bridge connects the boroughs of Queens and Manhattan. It consists of the main bridge, which spans the east and west channels of the East River, Roosevelt Island, and the Manhattan and Queens approaches. The main bridge is a double cantilever truss, without suspended spans. There are three anchor spans, in Manhattan, in Queens, and over Roosevelt Island. Four cantilever arms extend over the river channels from the anchor spans and are linked together at the center of each channel. The resulting two cantilever spans are 1182 ft. over the west channel and 984 ft. over the east channel. The full length of the main bridge is 3726 ft. Length of structure including approach spans is 6741’for the lower and 5371’ for the upper. The main bridge is a two-level structure providing four lanes of automobile traffic on the upper level, four lanes of automobile, bus, and truck traffic on the lower level (inside the trusses) and a lane of automobile traffic outside each of the trusses. The out-to-out width of the main bridge is 93 ft.

Client: NYSDOT

Location: New York, NY

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